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2013-07-03 23h34 13耳で楽しむXALPS

XLAPSのAudio Bookが発売されています。

タイトルは”Hanging in there

オンライン・ダウンロードで価格は $19.95

視聴時間は 7時間41分  158.40MB(MP3形式)


サンプル視聴および購入は こちら

なお、オーディオブックではなく、電子書籍(Kindle版)なら 日本のAmazon で 811円 で購入できます。


The Red Bull X-Alps is the world's most extreme race. With only a paraglider and a pair of hiking boots athletes attempt to cross the Alps from Salzburg in Austria to Monaco. In this book, British athlete Jon Chambers brings you even closer to the action and reveals his personal story of his 2011 race. In doing so he reveals the harsh reality of what it takes to compete in this uniquely demanding challenge: the physical and mental hardship, equipment, extreme conditions, strategic thinking and lucky escapes.


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